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September 4, 2015 / / Beard Music
August 18, 2015 / / Beards in History

The Bearded President

In The Beginning…

If you remember in your history class the good ol’ US of A got started around 1776. And after some “discussions” with Jolly Old England, we elected George Washington as the first president.

Mr "I-Don't-Do-Beards" Washington

Now beards were not much in style then during the late 18th century. In fact having any facial hair was pretty much a social taboo. From the rich down to the poor, it was all about the clean shave look. Folks would shave every day, and no less than every third day.1 Hence when Mr. Washington went to newly formed Washington D.C. in 1790, after being elected in 1789, he was shorn as a newborn babe.